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    Carpet cleaning for an industrial complex is far different from cleaning a residential carpet or even a carpet in an office building. Industrial carpets are usually woven more tightly for high durability. They are created this way because they sustain much more daily foot traffic and are cleaned far more frequently than anyhousehold carpet. Commercial carpet cleaners in Owings Mills are usually the best qualified to clean carpets inside industrial complexes because they have the equipment and cleaning supplies necessary to deliver an effective and efficient job.

    At ServiceMaster Commercial Services of Carroll County, we have extensive experience doing commercial industrial carpet cleaning.  We use the most advanced methods and cutting edge equipment to keep your carpet clean and keep it from getting damaged due to repeated cleanings. Here are just a few of the things that make our methods superior to most others:
    Pre-applied shampoo: While most commercial carpet cleaners use quality shampoos, what makes the difference is the way it is applied and used. We have developed a proven method of pre-applying the shampoo, about 10 minutes or so before cleaning, allowing it to take hold and go deep into the roots of the carpet to loosen the soil.

    Proper water temp: Another ingredient to an effectiveindustrial carpet cleaning system is keeping the water at the right temperature. Through extensive testing, we have found the exact water temperature to deliver the most effective cleaning. At certain temperatures, the water can help loosen stubborn dirt even further, as well as activate the shampoo for the best effect.

    Rinsing finishes the job: A carpet-cleaning job is not complete until it is properly rinsed and extracted with clean water. And once the carpet is rinsed, and all the water is extracted, we make sure your carpets are dry and ready to be walked on.
    If you have an industrial complex and are in need of a commercial carpet cleaner in Owings Mills to keep your floors clean and your carpet in good shape, call in the experts at ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaningof Carroll County. We’ll put our experience to work for you at a price you can afford.