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    For any commercial facility, having hardwood installed into your facility is always a costly investment that should warrant care and special attention. In order for you to keep your hardwood floors in their best condition, we’ve provided a number of helpful maintenance tips that can help make your hardwood floors last:

    • Avoid using harsh cleaning products. Do not use bleach or Pine Sol. Cleaning products that contain harsh or strong chemicals will strip the finish off your flooring and cause damage your hardwood flooring. Instead search for a hardwood-specific cleaner in a local store or create your very own hardwood cleaner using household items, such as vinegar and olive oil.
    • Use soft cloths or soft-bristled brushes. Hard-bristled brooms and vacuum attachments will scratch and scuff the surface of your hardwood flooring. This will cause them to appear dull, worn down, and will trap dirt and dust within the crevices and scratches of your floors. Instead opt to use a soft cloth or if possible a soft-bristled brush that won’t cause damage to your floors.
    • Place rugs in high-traffic areas. To protect your floors from heavy foot traffic utilize area rugs. With daily foot-traffic, shoes will often track in dirt, soil, and other hard particles that will scratch your floors, by utilizing area rugs you keep the hardwood underneath covered and protected at all times. Also area rugs can help capture any dirt and soil that is tracked in from shoes or clothing, but remember to vacuum your area rugs on a routine basis to remove excess dirt particles.
    • Use a damp mop. When mopping, make sure the mop you are using is damp and not excessively wet. If the mop is excessively wet, thehardwood will absorb the water, which may cause it to swell and distort. Mopping should only occur on an occasional basis and whenever a spill occurs, its best to clean it immediately before the wood is stained or absorbs any liquid.
    • If your hardwood is oiled, use oiled-specific cleaners. Make sure you know what cleaner to use on hardwoods. As there are many cases where careless property owners attempt to clean their floors only to find that they’ve used the wrong type of cleaner for unfinished or finished wood. Read the labels on your cleaning products and know what type of characteristics your floors possess to avoid costly mistakes.

    Hopefully these tips can help your office or commercial facility maintain any hardwood flooring you have within your property, but if you ever require floor refinishing services or commercial cleaning services in Owings Mills, Maryland, always remember to contact the experts at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of Carroll County.