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    ServiceMaster Commercial Services of Carroll County is a local janitorial and commercial cleaning service provider operating throughout Pikesville and Owing Mills, Maryland. With our professional cleaning services, we do implement the use of green products as an efficient and eco-friendly cleaning alternative compared to traditional chemical products. With the switch to green products, there are several benefits you can take advantage of to create a healthier and safer work environment.

    Another reason why you should consider switching to a janitorial services that utilizes green products, is that not only are they just as effective in cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, they provide a number of other benefits which you can take advantage of. Compared to traditional cleaners, the use of green products will help create a much healthier working environment for you and your employees.

    For instance, you can omit the use of heavy-duty chemical cleansers that can release volatile organic compounds into the air, the main cause of poor indoor air quality and pollution. Green, eco-friendly cleaning products contain no toxic fumes or artificial perfumes, and best of all, green products are biodegradable. Meaning that overtime, the compounds in green products will breakdown without causing any adverse effects to your work environment.

    For a green, janitorial cleaning service in Pikesville or Owings Mills, Maryland, always rely on the experts at ServiceMaster Commercial Services of Carroll County. We provide high quality results while aiming to achieve complete customer satisfaction. With ServiceMaster Commercial Services of Carroll County, we’ll tailor a cleaning plan that fits your exact needs. For more information please contact our office. Thank you!