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    A reliable janitorial service is a great asset for any business facility or office, as they can provide upkeep for your office to look organized and spotless. But what many businesses don’t realize, is that with any reputable janitorial service, they’re not just keeping your office clean of stains and dust, but they’re also improving your indoor air quality.

    In an office setting, there are several items that can hamper the workspace, from allergens, dust, pollen and other airborne particles. These items can make an office appear dirty and may adversely affect the productivity of your employees. With a reliable janitorial service provider such as ServiceMaster Commercial Services of Carroll County, we will not only clean your facility up to your expectations, but with the use of our green cleaning, we’ll reduce the amount of toxic chemicals used in your workspace, reduce indoor air pollution and create a healthier environment.

    By using green products within our janitorial services, we reduce the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) that causes pollution by releasing fumes, odors and other artificial scents. As a professional janitorial service provider in Owings Mills and Pikesville, MD, it is our goal to care for your facility with a maximum amount of effort, and with our green cleaning services, we can help keep your facility clean, healthy and safe by opting for eco-friendly, green cleaning services.

    If you are hesitant about the effectiveness of green cleaners, you should know that green cleaning products have come a long way since their introduction many years ago. Much research and development have gone into the advancement of green products in order to find an eco-friendly alternative to traditional chemical cleaners, which can be toxic and generate pollution. The green products that are available today are all effective cleaning agents, they’re able to sanitize and eliminate germs and bacteria just as effective as their traditional cleaning counterparts but without the negative side-effects.

    So opt for a cleaner work environment and take advantage of the green janitorial services offered by ServiceMaster Commercial Services of Carroll County. We’ll keep your business facility in pristine condition while creating a safe and healthy environment for you, your employees, and your guests.