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    A cluttered and dirty office is no place to work in. When a poor working environment is present, it lead to a number of obstacles such as adversely affecting employee morale, increased use of sick days, and display a poor business image to clients.
    To maintain your commercial facility, many businesses in the Owings Mills area will consider the use of a janitorial service. This is always a great idea, but they often work during the nights to avoid interfering with your daily business.

    What if this isn’t enough and you need to care for your office during the day, but do not have the means to hire a day porter? If you’re in this type of situation, you can request a little bit of effort from your very own employees to help keep your office neat tidy. Below are some ways on how to do so…

    1. Make cleaning an office-wide habit: It is important to communicate to your employees that office maintenance is not just the responsibility of the janitorial crew, but It is the job of every employee to make sure that their personal work area is kept clean and any leftover food or waste is property disposed into a trash bin
    2. Become part of the solution, not part of the problem: Some people have a habit of creating messes and not cleaning them up. These are the folks we often refer to as part of the ‘problem’, rather than the solution. Make an office wide policy to eliminate these habits and ensure that everyone is held responsible to cleanup after themselves and dispose of any trash they create. Even if a janitorial crew does provide nightly cleaning services, they have a full schedule of tasks to complete, so be considerate and responsible, and remember to cleanup any mess you created.
    3. Use proper cleaning supplies: If a mess occurs, make sure your employees are using the correct cleaning supplies. This means if cleaning up a spill in the break room to use a paper towel and a general disinfectant or to use hand soap and thoroughly wash their hands after using the bathroom instead of opting for hand sanitizer every time.

    If you employ some office-wide responsibility to keep your work environment clean and partner with professional janitorial service provider in Owings Mills, you’ve given your office the best chance it has at being well maintained at all hours of the day.